About us - Goals

The Lebanese Association for Educational Studies (LAES) was founded in 1995 as a professional, non-political, non-profit, association. LAES membership consists of academic scholars and researchers in the field of Education at various universities and academic institutions in Lebanon. The objectives of the Association include :

- Developing and disseminating educational knowledge

- Advancing the educational research community in Lebanon

- Interacting with similar associations in the Arab countries.

- Contributing to educational development in Lebanon and in the Arab countries

LAES seeks to fulfill its objectives through research, documentation and publication and the organization of regional and local seminars and conferences. LAES has more than 25 published books in the field of Education.
The Association engages in activities and projects aligned with its objectives. It cooperates with various parties for the financing of such activities such as the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education, the Ford Foundation, the UNESCO Regional Office of the Arab States, UNDP, Institute of International Education,European Union  and the World Bank among others