Monthly Seminars (seventh day of each month)

Le changement professionnel du formateur d’enseignant et sa formation continue Cas des formateurs du CRDP au centre de ressources de Tripoli / Liban- Nord- Mounifa Assaf

Palestine… in the Lebanese educational process and curriculum

The Arab Writers of Children Literature, their Perceptions of the Child and of Themselves, and the Impact of these Perceptions on their Production: A Discourse Study. Dr. Siham Harb

What if the educational development process in Lebanon were inspired by Gregoire Haddad thought and work in community service? Dr. Aly Khalife

 The competency frameworks/ Supporting quality Teaching in Lebanon- Dr. Ghada Jouny

Syrians Education - Dr. Hanaa Al Ghali

عرض لكتاب التحليل النفسي لمناسبة نيله جائزة الترجمة وبعض تطبيقات التحليل النفسي في مجال التربية - د. مصطفى حجازي

L’impact de la nouvelle grille salariale sur les écolages dans les écoles privées. Reda Hamdan

 التطوير المهني لمعلمي التاريخ في لبنان: من ثقافة التلقي إلى ثقافة " المشيئة" ( agency)

Quality enrichment programs in education -Dr. Randa Yehya

L’Education dans des sociétés post-conflit: le changement social et son impact sur l’enseignement - Ali Khalife

أيَّ معلوماتية نريد للعلوم الإنسانية؟ - د. غسان مراد

The pedagogy of interdisciplinary projects, an inevitable tool in training and education for eco-citizenship and sustainable development

Identification of Twice-Exceptional Learners (Gifted with Learning Disabilities) - Dr. Anies El Hroub

La formation des enseignants face à la diversité des élèves dans une école inclusive au Liban - Dr. Basma Franjiye

Subcomponent 2.1: "School-based Development through enhanced Education Leadership- Elham Komaty

” Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age – Lebanon’s National Educational Technology Strategic Plan”- Mrs Paulette Assaf

Do Programmes Delineating Critical Thinking as a Learning Outcome Facilitate its Teaching? International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and Lebanese Baccalaureate Programme - Dr. Yara Hilal

Student perceptions regarding the evaluation of teaching - Dr. Wassim El Kahtib

The Research team about educational reform in Lebanon- Dr. Suzanne Abou Rjeily

Quality Instruction Towards Access and Basic Education Improvement -  Dr. Eva Kozma

Social Movement and the Syrian crisis - Fayrouz Salameh

"D-Rasati" : Opportunities and challenges - Dr. Wafa Kotob

The Genitive case in relation to the notion of definiteness in English, French and Arabic - Dr. Yusra Sabra

Subcomponent 2.1: "School-based Development through enhanced Education Leadership"Elham Komaty