Monthly Seminars (seventh day of each month)

The Arab Writers of Children Literature, their Perceptions of the Child and of Themselves, and the Impact of these Perceptions on their Production: A Discourse Study. Dr. Siham Harb

What if the educational development process in Lebanon were inspired by Gregoire Haddad thought and work in community service? Dr. Aly Khalife

 The competency frameworks/ Supporting quality Teaching in Lebanon- Dr. Ghada Jouny

Syrians Education - Dr. Hanaa Al Ghali

عرض لكتاب التحليل النفسي لمناسبة نيله جائزة الترجمة وبعض تطبيقات التحليل النفسي في مجال التربية - د. مصطفى حجازي

L’impact de la nouvelle grille salariale sur les écolages dans les écoles privées. Reda Hamdan

 التطوير المهني لمعلمي التاريخ في لبنان: من ثقافة التلقي إلى ثقافة " المشيئة" ( agency)

Quality enrichment programs in education -Dr. Randa Yehya

L’Education dans des sociétés post-conflit: le changement social et son impact sur l’enseignement - Ali Khalife

أيَّ معلوماتية نريد للعلوم الإنسانية؟ - د. غسان مراد

The pedagogy of interdisciplinary projects, an inevitable tool in training and education for eco-citizenship and sustainable development

Identification of Twice-Exceptional Learners (Gifted with Learning Disabilities) - Dr. Anies El Hroub

La formation des enseignants face à la diversité des élèves dans une école inclusive au Liban - Dr. Basma Franjiye

Subcomponent 2.1: "School-based Development through enhanced Education Leadership- Elham Komaty

” Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age – Lebanon’s National Educational Technology Strategic Plan”- Mrs Paulette Assaf

Do Programmes Delineating Critical Thinking as a Learning Outcome Facilitate its Teaching? International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and Lebanese Baccalaureate Programme - Dr. Yara Hilal

Student perceptions regarding the evaluation of teaching - Dr. Wassim El Kahtib

The Research team about educational reform in Lebanon- Dr. Suzanne Abou Rjeily

Quality Instruction Towards Access and Basic Education Improvement -  Dr. Eva Kozma

Social Movement and the Syrian crisis - Fayrouz Salameh

"D-Rasati" : Opportunities and challenges - Dr. Wafa Kotob

The Genitive case in relation to the notion of definiteness in English, French and Arabic - Dr. Yusra Sabra

Subcomponent 2.1: "School-based Development through enhanced Education Leadership"Elham Komaty