About us - President's message


Two decades have passed since the establishment of the Lebanese Association for Educational Studies (LAES), during which the LAES brought together academics and experts from various schools of thought, political ideas, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Thanks to its members’ commitment, the Association remained unique as a practical and knowledge-based platform that goes beyond any kind of political identity.

This commitment, which remained practical and academic in its essence, provided a solid base for the members’ initiatives to remain focused on the LAES priorities and to work towards its main goal, namely:

“Developing educational knowledge, advancing the educational research community in Lebanon and the Arab world, and interacting with similar associations in the region.”

The current state of education in Lebanon and the region requires, now more than ever, a renewed effort from all relevant and concerned parties. This is dictated by our conviction that the progress of our nation is critically dependent on the development of education, research, and scientific knowledge.

We ask you, friends and colleagues, to join the Association and take part in all its activities and initiatives so that we jointly make headway in promoting LAES’s goals.

Please feel free to send us your thoughts and suggestions,

For contact here is our email address: info@laes.org


Nada Abdelwahed Mneymneh


President of Lebanese Association for Educational Studies