Members - Kotob, Wafa

Kotob, Wafa

PhD in Education – University of Manchester - Manchester, United Kingdom

Chief of Party- D-RASATI 2


Chief of Party- D-RASATI 2

  • Kotob, W. Nicholl, B. & McLellan, R. (2008) Technicians’ Support: A crucial dimension for implementing creative change in D&T classrooms. In E. Norman, & D. Spendlove (Eds), The Design and Technology Association Education and International Research Conference 2008. Conference Proceedings. Loughborough, The Design & Technology Association, pp. 17-22.


  • Nicholl, B., McLellan, R. and Kotob, W. (2008) ‘Understanding creativity for creative understanding’. Report presented at the Dissemination Conference for the ‘Subject Leadership in Creativity in Design and Technology’, Cambridge.

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