Members - Nasser, Ramzi

Nasser, Ramzi

Doctor of Education, Mathematics and Science Education, 1993, University of Massachusetts at Lowell

Associate Researcher

Qatar University

Institutional research,Mathematics Education

Associate Professor of Educational Sciences, Qatar University. Teaching courses in the Masters of Educational Leadership, Secondary Education Diploma Program and Bachelor of Education program.

Nasser, R. and Carifio, J. (1993). Key Contextual Features of Algebra Word Problems:  A Theoretical Model  and Review of Literature., ERIC # ED355120, 43 pages (Reviewed Conference paper published in  ERIC).


Nasser, R. and Carifio, J. (1993) Developing and Validating Sets of Algebra Word Problems. 17 Pages, ERIC # ED361349 (Reviewed Conference paper published in  ERIC)


Nasser, R. and Carifio, J.  (1993). The Effects of Cognitive Style and Piagetian Logical Reasoning on Solving a  Propositional Relation Algebra Word Problem.  25 Pages,  ERIC  #ED364430 (Reviewed Conference paper published in  ERIC).