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Karami Akkary, Rima

Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership Portland State University, U.S.A., 1997

Associate Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

American University of Beirut

Principalship: Role and tasks of the school principal; Supervision in K-12 schools; Clinical supervision; Issues of social justice and school equity; Multicultural Education; School change; Qualitative research, assumptions and methodology; Program evaluation

Tamam School-Based Reform project, AUB-ATF, principal co-investigator (2007-present) Al Mabarat Charitable Institution, Self-Study on the impact of the program for administrative training , Consultant (2008-present)

Adjunct Faculty, School of Education, EPFA Department, Portland State University, Portland, Or, USA (2002-2007) Consultant, Communication Across Barriers, Portland, OR, USA. (2005-2007) Program Evaluator and Consultant, American Leadership Forum, Portland, Oregon

Chaar, N., Khamis, V. & Karami-Akkary, R. (2016).  Teachers Concerns Towards Change Teachers’ Concerns Towards Change In Lebanese Private Schools And Its Relationship To Gender, Experience And Type Of Change. Journal of Educational Change. DOI 10.1007/s10833-015-9267-z

Karami-Akkary, R. & Rizk, N. (2014). School Reform in the Arab World: Characteristics and Prospects. International Journal of Educational Reform [IJER]. Vol. 23, (4) 315-332 [Principal Author]

Karami-Akkary, R. Facing the Challenges of Educational Reform: Lessons from the Arab World. (2014). Journal of Educational Change [JEDU] . Vol 15 (2) 179-202

Karami-Akkary, R. & Rizkallah, D. S. ( 2014). Improving school performance evaluation: a participative approach to build standards and procedures for self-study grounded in the local context. IDAFAT. Issue 25, Winter 2014, 158-181. [Principal Author]

]تطوير تقييم الأداء التربوي للمدرسة اللبنانيَّة: مقاربة مجذَّرة في واقع السياق المحلّي لبناء معايير التقييم الذاتي وإجراءاته  [


Karami-Akkary, R. (2013). The Role and Role Context of the Lebanese School Principal: Toward a Culturally Grounded Understanding of the Principalship Educational Management Administration & Leadership 1741143213510503, first published on December 10, 2013 as doi:10.1177/1741143213510503

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