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# Name Institution Specialty
1 Abdulreda Abou Rjeily, Suzanne Saint Joseph University Educational Sociology, Educational Administration and Evaluation
2 Abou Ali, Iman Lebanese University Education
3 Abouchedid, Kamal Notre Dame University - Louaize Education, Psychology and Sociology
4 Akar, Bassel Notre Dame University - Louaize Citizenship Education

Building Communities of Learning in the Classroom

Continuous Professional Development

Working in Small Groups, Assessment for Learning, Meta-Learning and Dialogic Pedagogy
5 Al-Hroub, Anies American University of Beirut Special Education
6 Assaf, Mounifa USJ Education
7 Ayoub, Fawzi Lebanese University Educational Psychology, Educational Evaluation, and Educational Curricula
8 Ayoubi, Zalpha Lebanese University Chemistry Education
9 Bashshur, Munir American University of Beirut Comparative Education and Policy Studies
10 BouJaoude, Saouma American University of Beirut Curriculum Design, Science Education, and Teacher Education
11 Boutros, Maya Lebanese University ِArabic Language
12 Chataoui,Maguy Lebanese University Arabic Education
13 Daou, Colette Lebanese University Education
14 El Amine, Adnan American University of Beirut

UNESCO Office in Beirut

Sociology of Education, Educational Systems' Assessment, Higher Education, Quality Assurance
15 El Khatib, Wassim Lebanese University Science Education
16 El-Hassan, Karma American University of Beirut Measurement and Evaluation, Pre-school Assessment, Training in Test Construction and Development
17 Gholam, Ghada UNESCO Mathematics Education
18 Ghusayni, Raouf American University of Beirut Curriculum Theory, Social Studies Education, Moral Education, and Professional Development of Teachers
19 Hage, Fadi Saint Joseph University Biology Education; Epistemology of Science; History of Science
20 Hajo Atwi, Zeina Lebanese University Science Education
21 Harb, Siham Saint Joseph Univesrity children's Literature
22 Hashem, Eva USEK Educational Leadership
23 Hilal, Yara Eastwood international School and AUB Education
24 Hojeij, Zeina Zayed University, Dubai, UAE Educational Leadership and Administration
25 Issa Nauffal, Diane Lebanese American University Educational policy; leadership; management typologies; Assessment of student learning and institutional effectiveness
26 Jarrar, Samir American University in Cairo Education and Development in the Arab World
27 Jeanbart, Paula Lebanese University Sciences and Math
28 Jouny, Ghada Lebanese University Educational Sciences
29 Karami Akkary, Rima American University of Beirut Principalship: Role and tasks of the school principal; Supervision in K-12 schools; Clinical supervision; Issues of social justice and school equity; Multicultural Education; School change; Qualitative research, assumptions and methodology; Program evaluation
30 Kawwas, Ismat Lebanese University Mathematics Education
31 Khalife, Ali Lebanese University Educational sciences
32 Kibbi, Ibrahim Lebanese University Educational Media and Technology
33 Kotob, Wafa D-RASATI Chief of Party- D-RASATI 2
34 Malek, Amal Notre Dame University-Louaize, Lebanon English Communication Skills, Psychology, Education
35 Mneimneh, Nada Lebanese University Educational Systems Development
36 Moghaizel Nasr, Nada Saint Joseph University Learning Mechanisms and Citizenship Education
37 Nasser, Ramzi Qatar University Institutional research,Mathematics Education
38 Nizam, Jawad Lebanese University Teaching of Physics
39 Osta, Iman Lebanese American University Mathematics and Computer Education
40 Salamé, Ramzi Saint Joseph University Quality Assurance in Higher Education, Educational Policies and Strategies, Organization of Educational Systems and Services, Training of Teachers and other Educational Personnel, Assessment in Education, School and Classroom Climate
41 Salloum, Sara Balamand University Science Education
42 Samra, Sami Notre Dame University Teaching Methodologies
43 Sarraf, Scarlet l’Université Libanaise Sciences de l’Education
44 Sayah, Antoine Lebanese University Teaching the Arabic Language
45 Shatila, Hanadi Lebanese university Science Education
46 Wehbe, Nakhle Bahrain Bayan School, Sociology of Education; Quality of Education; External Education Systems and Educational Institutions Assessment
47 Zgheib, Ghania University of Balamand Education